• VoIP Parts Kit for E-1600-IP Phone

VoIP Parts Kit for E-1600-IP Phone

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Self diagnostic reports via email (testing com mic speaker & switch)
Automatic polling and programming software included
2 Amp relay contacts for door/gate or SL-2 strobe light control
SIP compatible (see pg 2 for list of compatible IP-PBX phone systems)
PoE powered (class 1 <4 watts)
Automatic Noise Canceling (ANC) feature for proper operation in noisy environments
Network downloadable firmware
Meets ADA requirements for Emergency Phones:
- Automatically lights the �Call Connected" LED
- Transmits a unique location I.D. code or voice announcement
- Grade 2 Braille label for the visually impaired
Non-volatile digital voice announcer with 28 seconds of voice memory
Handsfree operation
Marine grade 316 stainless steel prevents corrosion on the stainless steel models
Dials up to 5 emergency numbers
E-1600-20-IP and E-1600-52-IP dial up to 5 non-emergency �INFO� numbers
Cycles through backup phone numbers on busy or no-answer
Optional Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) EWP products are designed to meet IP66 Ingress Protection Rating
Hangs up on busy signal time-out or touch tone command
Remotely programmable
Extended temperature range (-15�F to 130�F)
11 different chassis or board only available